The cooperation behind the Sighted Nozzle

Companies involved:

  • KEG Kanalreinigungstechnik GmbH
    Johann-Esche-Str. 24
    09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany
  • Schlosserei Zirnstein
    Reichenbacher Str. 82
    08468 Heinsdorfergrund, Germany
    welding, metalworking, lightning protection
  • MSM GmbH
    Am Rossauer Wald 3
    09661 Rossau, Germany

All cooperation partners contribute their various skills and expertise:

  • KEG Kanalreinigungstechnik GmbH as final manufacturer and owner of the patent
  • Zinrstein's company with its competencies in welding and metalworking
  • and MSM GmbH with its expertise in environmental engineering as well as in pipe and sewer cleaning

EU funding

The Sighted Nozzle is a cooperation between KEG Kanalreinigungstechnik GmbH, Schlosserei Zirnstein and MSM GmbH and is financially supported by the European Union.


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