The "Sighted" Cleaning Nozzle

Sewer cleaning and inspection in one go

The principle of operation 

In order to detect damages in sewers, there is a sewer inspection with video camera every 10 to 15 years.
After such long periods of time, the damages detected are enormous, as damages may occur much earlier.

The regular and preventive cleaning of sewers (non man-entry) is carried out every 1 to 3 years, based on general experience, yet not considering the real conditions in the pipe.  

Such detailed information, however, is indispensible when it comes to fully comply with the requirements of the German Federal Self Control Regulations as well as the EN 14654 standards. As observations from a manhole position are useful, yet restricted, only the use of video technology is able to deliver data as comprehensive as required. State-of-the-art self-driven cameras boasting a variety of options take care of the sewers' inspection after the pipe has been cleaned with extra effort (and cost). Using such cameras for assessing the situation in the pipe before cleaning is very complicated or hardly possible at all. 

This is the reason why KEG invested many years of research and development in the "Sighted Nozzle". 

The Sighted Nozzle was launched as an innovation on international scale. The solution consists of a cleaning tool and a camera module with wireless image transmission - a combination of a video unit with two channels for front and rear view and a cleaning nozzle based on a floor cleaner with patented fluid mechanics. This enables continuously transmitting (completely wireless) the camera images of both channels to the truck for visualisation and recording. the system can be integrated in any cleaning truck without any modifications or conversions.

Video about how the Sighted Nozzle works


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