Benefits & Savings

The combination of cleaning and video inspection in one go offers an opportunity to increase efficiency: The Sighted Nozzle increases cleaning efficiency and allows for a sustainable use of manpower and energy. Moreover, it ensures the early detection of damages, thus allowing for the preservation of pipes and sewers as well as the protection of the environment. 

Advantages of the Sighted Nozzle

Continuous monitoring and optimisation of the cleaning process by the operator (adjusted to the degree of soiling in the pipe) allows for the following cost savings:  

  • time, energy (diesel fuel) and water 
  • no need for a second vehicle for inspection, as inspection is done by the Sighted Nozzle right during cleaning so that damages can be detected as early as possible and not years leater, when the costs for repairing the damage are much higher
  • cleaning pipes and sewers every 1 to 3 years - inspection only every 10 to 15 years 
    - the Sighted Nozzle ensures the early detection of damages right during cleaning 
  • immediate delivery of important information for the sewer authorities: 
    • Is the pipe clean?
    • Is the pipe okay? Are there any immediate actions required (video inspection, repairs, etc.)?
  • compliance with the Federal Self Control Regulations and the EN 14654 standards

Examples of damages especially due to infiltration:


early detection of damages by means of the Sighted Nozzle (red marking in the chart) reduces maintenance and repair costs by taking possible preventive measures

Using the Sighted Nozzle, you can detect damages much earlier. 

In this case there is an urgent need for action - the earlier the better. 

This diagram shows a sewers/pipes wear margin subject to time (according to Stein). The Sighted Nozzle ensures the detection of damages at an early stage (red arrow). 


Sewer Cleaning Tool
"Sighted Nozzle" together with debris
from the cleaned pipe

The test example shows:                           

  • the pipe is okay
  • and the pipe is clean now

Although the degree of soiling was considerable, the Sighted Nozzle
was able to effectively clean the pipe in a very short time. 

Using the Sighted Nozzle allows meeting the requirements in cleaning of pipes and sewers according to EN 14654 standard without additional expenses

Furthermore, the Sighted Nozzle provides additional information about changes of the situation in the pipe after the initial inspection. This proved useful for planning re-inspections. 

Original pictures by the Sighted Nozzle:

detected pipe burst, localized pipe damage:


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