The Sighted Nozzle - The innovation in sewer cleaning equipment!

Sighted Noozzle by KEG

Inspection and cleaning in one go!

Efficient sewer cleaning requires precise knowledge about the condition of the pipe and the degree of soiling. Thanks to an optical check all cleaning tools can be used most efficiently. Our aim is to enable cleaning and inspection in one go to ensure optimal use of both manpower and energetic resources.  

TV camera system
Sighted Nozzle

A wireless TV camera system consisting of a TV camera and a cleaning nozzle.
Sewer cleaning and inspection is performed simultaneously. The information received from the optical check primarily serve the optimisation of the cleaning effiency. Yet at the same time, right during cleaning, you will get an overview of the current condition of the pipe. Thanks to its integrated power supply, the system can be used for an unlimited period of time. 

EU funding

The Sighted Nozzle is a cooperation between KEG Kanalreinigungstechnik GmbH, Schlosserei Zirnstein and MSM GmbH and is financially supported by the European Union.


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